Amphibians as pets: what you need to know

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Amphibians might not be your first choice when deciding on a new pet (you might not even know what amphibians are), but keeping these mysterious creatures can be a rewarding experience.

Children, in particular, are fascinated by amphibians and will be delighted by these unusual pets. Of all the types of pets available, why not consider frogs, newts, salamanders or toads?

Amphibians make great pets as they have virtually no odour and make very little noise. They are easy to care for, requiring a minimum amount of cleaning.

A simple semi-aquatic terrarium is ideal for amphibians, supplying their basic light and heat within a natural setting. They require daily feeding with added supplements as necessary.

The top six amphibians to keep as pets

Yellow and black dart frog

This small tropical frog is from South America, typically living in tropical rainforests. They grow to approximately two inches, have a stunning colouration, and live for up to 10 years.

Oriental fire-bellied toad

This semi-aquatic toad is mainly found in China and has a vivid green and orange colouration. They prefer humid conditions with an accessible area above water and can live up to 15 years.

Xenopus clawed frog

This species of frog originated in Africa but has been introduced to North America and Europe. They are entirely aquatic and have no tongue or teeth. Their feet and hands have the unusual appearance of claws.

Pixie frog

This is the largest known frog in South Africa, reaching 10 inches in length and weighing up to 2kg. They are known for eating almost anything, mainly insects, fish and mice. The frog is a dull green colour with a yellow throat.

Amazon milk frog

This Brazilian frog originates from the Amazon rainforest and is light grey in colour. As they age, their skin develops an interesting bumpy texture. They can grow up to four inches in length and live from five to ten years.

Tiger salamander

This voracious predator is endemic in North America and is the most prominent land-dwelling salamander in the world. They can achieve an astonishing 14 inches in length and are a blotchy green colour with yellow bands.

Not so keen on amphibians? Maybe a pet reptile is more your thing?

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