How To Keep An Axolotl As A Pet

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Quirky, hardy and easy to care for, the axolotl can make the perfect unusual pet. If you’re looking for a companion with character, this type of pet could be the one for you. Our guide will help you work out the best way to care for your new pet.

What is an axolotl?

Originating from Mexico, axolotls are a type of aquatic salamander resembling a cross between a lizard and a fish. They live their entire lives underwater and have excellent regenerative qualities despite their delicate appearance. Axolotls usually reach around 10cm in length and tend to live around 10 years. A quiet but inquisitive animal, you’ll find them a fascinating friend and a real talking point when visitors pop round!

What kind of housing do they need?

A generous 45-litre aquarium will give them plenty of space to move around happily. Ensure you use a suitable lid for your tank to prevent escapes from these adventurous creatures. Water temperature should be around 16 to 18 degrees Celsius and carefully monitored as higher temperatures can lead to death. As with fish, water filtration and quality should be managed with a water filter. Provide some hiding places such as plants and caves, and keep bright light to a minimum if possible. The key to diligent care is regular cleaning and maintenance.

What do I feed them?

Axolotls have a broad diet when living in the wild, and when kept as pets, will need plenty of care and attention. Fish food is not suitable; focus instead on frozen bloodworm, brine shrimp and other appropriate meals and pellets, which you can buy frozen from most pet shops. Feed your axolotl once a day and clean out any unwanted food as soon as you can to maintain a clean environment.

What next?

This easy to care for creature can make a rewarding pet for the first time or seasoned owner. Available from most larger pet shops or specialist retailers, ensure you do thorough research and follow pet care advice before bringing home your unusual new pet.

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