Koi For Sale: Where to Buy Koi Carp

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When you are ready to start adding koi to your pond, knowing where you can find koi for sale and how much you will need to pay can be a challenge. Koi come in a huge range of different varieties and sizes, and what type of koi you wish to begin with will largely dictate where you will be able to buy them from and how much you will have to spend!

There is no simple answer to how much it will cost you to buy each fish, or where the best place is to look for them, but check out our advice for a few pointers to get you going…

How much do koi carp cost?

The price of koi carp can vary enormously. You can find koi for sale for under $10 per fish in some cases and over $100,000 per fish in others! Various different factors determine the price of each fish, including regional variations, but the following are some of the key factors:


Just as with any other pedigree pet such as cats and dogs, koi are often bred from specific bloodlines. Desirable bloodlines that include show winners and excellent specimens will be among the most expensive fish to buy, regardless of age and size.


Generally, the larger a koi is, the more expensive it will be, as someone else will have spent years and lots of money raising it to such an impressive size! Smaller koi are, as a general rule, cheaper than larger fish from the same bloodline or type.


Mature koi are more expensive and more in demand than juveniles, up to a point where the age of the fish means that it may have a limited lifespan left. Size and age are usually closely connected in healthy koi, so larger fish are also more likely to be mature.

Koi for sale: Buy koi carpType

There are 22 key types of koi carp, some of which are more common than others, and some of which are in great demand. The type of koi that you are looking at, its rarity, and the traits of its appearance will also dictate the price of the fish.


One of the main factors that dictate the price of koi carp of all types is the colouration of the fish. While different types of koi have dramatically different colour variations, fish that are considered to be the best examples of their type and with the most impressive colours will invariably be the most expensive.

Where to buy koi carp

Where you buy koi carp will depend on what you ultimately want to achieve. If you simply want to keep healthy koi and are not overly concerned about the type, age or size of the fish, and are happy, to begin with young fish that you can watch grow, you will have a wide range of options available to you.

Garden centres, aquarium retailers, pond supply stores and pet stores are all likely to have koi for sale, although these will usually be generic, low-cost koi that do not hail from a specific bloodline or particularly desirable type.

If you wish to begin your koi keeping with a particular strain of koi, or very large or distinctive specimens, you will likely need to buy from a private hobbyist, specialist breeder, or specialist importer.

Joining a local koi enthusiasts club in your area can also prove helpful in order to provide you with a connection to other hobbyists that might know of suitable koi for sale in your area.

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