Why Do Koi Jump Out of the Water

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Many owners of koi carp will witness their fish jumping out of the water from time to time. It can be entertaining to watch! However, it can also be dangerous, as your koi can jump out of their pond and become beached. It’s therefore vital that your pond is protected to keep high-jumping fish safe.

But why do koi jump out of the water? Read on for some possible reasons for this behaviour and find out what you can do to keep your fish safely in its pond…

How long can koi survive out of water?

Your koi fish will not be able to survive for long out of the water. There is a possibility that the fish will bring themselves outside out the water nearby, which can be fatal. The fatal part is usually when the fish jumps out of the water and hurts itself on the objects outside the water; rocks, plants etc. Watch the video below to learn how to save a fish that has jumped out. Read on further if you want to learn why they jump out in the first place.

Why do fish jump out of the tank or pond?

Poor water quality

Maintaining good water quality in your koi pond is vital to keeping your fish healthy and happy, and this means regularly testing the water and correcting any chemical imbalances.

If the water quality in your pond is poor and full of toxins or out of balance, this can cause your fish to become unwell and literally try to escape from the pond to find a better quality environment.

Lack of oxygen

Your koi pond should be well oxygenated with good water movement. If the depths of the pond are stagnant or do not get enough aeration, your koi are more likely to congregate near the top of the pond and gasp for air. This can also lead to them breaking the water’s surface, jumping around or jumping out of the pond. If there are issues with the oxygen levels, you will most likely see your fish gasping for air or staying at the top of the pond.


Being chased

Koi go through phases in which they are fairly lively and may dart about energetically and chase each other around. This is particularly true when koi are getting ready to mate when the male fish chase the females quite aggressively!

As part of this chasing around, your fish may break the surface of the pond and jump out of the water.

Exploring and having fun

Koi are fairly inquisitive fish, and sometimes, they will jump in and out of the water because they want to see what is up there or as part of their games!

If you hand-feed your fish, you might even be able to observe your fish jumping up out of the water when they see a person at the side of the pond, as they come to associate this with feeding time and are keen to get their treats!

How to save a fish that jumped out of water?

Hopefully, no one will have to encounter the situation where you find one of your fish missing from your pond or tank. If the issue is caught very early on, it may be possible to save the koi fish without too much damage occurring to the fish. Here is a youtube video by The Fish Doctor that demonstrates how to save a koi fish that jumps out of the water.

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