Do Betta Fish Have Teeth? Do They Bite?

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Given that they are also known as “Siamese fighting fish“, it makes sense that people often ask two questions about bettas.

“Do betta fish have teeth?”


“Do betta fish bite?”

Some people wonder if they will get injured when they put their hand into a tank containing bettas!

The good news is that you don’t need to worry. Here’s why…

Do betta fish have teeth?

The simple answer to the question, do better fish have teeth, is yes, they do. But you shouldn’t start panicking just yet. Remember, these are tiny fish. We’re not talking about you having a Great White Shark in your tank!

Betta fish have teeth that suit their size. They are really tiny and white in colour. Often you have to look at a betta fish up close even to notice the teeth. Sometimes you even have to use a microscope before they are visible.

As you can imagine, teeth this size aren’t capable of doing much damage to a human, but even so…do betta fish bite?

Do betta fish bite?

If you’re wondering whether your betta fish will ever bite you, the answer is yes; they might. It depends on the nature of the individual fish. Some bettas have been known to jump out of the water to nibble on a finger. It’s also quite common for bettas to look like piranhas at feeding time when they are scrambling to get their food.

This is where any piranha resemblance ends, though! Remember, we said that betta fish have tiny teeth. They may be able to rip the fins of another betta fish, but the most they will do to your finger is tickle it. You’ll be able to feel the sensation, but it won’t be painful.

Often, betta fish will nibble at your fingers out of curiosity or because they think they may be food. Don’t be fooled into thinking they are hungry, though. Bettas love to eat and will do so whether they are hungry or not. Remember, it’s dangerous to overfeed them.

So, betta fish do have teeth and betta fish do bite, but you don’t have to worry about either of these facts. The pressure of a nibble from a betta fish is no more than the pressure you would use on a computer keyboard. They may think they’re tough, but they are no match for a human being. Your betta fish is way too small to do you any damage!

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