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Pet Nemo clown fish

The movies ‘Finding Nemo’ and ‘Finding Dory’ have certainly put clownfish (Nemo) and hippo tangs (Dory) on the map. But what do you need before getting your own pet Nemo or Dory?

A saltwater aquarium

If you are wanting both a clownfish and a hippo tang you are going to need a pretty large aquarium: around 150 gallons. If you are happy to settle for just clownfish, then you will need at least a 20 gallon tank. You need to make sure that the water is ‘cycled’ to the correct chemical balance and is set to the correct temperature for your fish.

In terms of decor, make sure you pick the correct plants and stones for this type of tank and that any ornaments you choose work with saltwater. Check with your supplier to make sure you have everything correctly set up before you get your fish.

A lot of care

Hippo tangs in particular require a lot of care. They have a weak immune system so you need to be well-versed in how to look after your tank properly before you purchase one.

Hippo tangs are territorial so only have one in the tank, otherwise you are asking for trouble.

Clownfish are easier to look after, especially if they are captive-bred. This is because ‘wild’ clownfish tend to become more aggressive as they become territorial over their anemone home – this does not tend to be an issue with captive-bred. It does mean, however, that you should do your research about how best to decorate your tank to ensure that you are not encouraging any aggressive behaviours. You can then keep more than one clownfish at a time.

If you are wanting both Nemo and Dory be aware of the commitment you are making, including the expense of a larger tank and its upkeep. If you do not have the time, experience, or the space, it may be best to consider just purchasing a few clownfish for now.

Whatever you choose to do, in the words of Dory, ‘just keep swimming!’

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Betta Fish Care: How to take care of betta fish 0 8293

Betta fish tanks

Many people think of betta fish as “easy” pets to care for – and it’s true that betta fish care is simpler than caring for, say, a dog or cat. However there are some things all betta owners need to know, and like all pets, betta fish deserve to be cared for properly in order to live long, healthy and happy lives.

In this guide to betta fish?care, we give you the essential info you need to get started as a betta fish?owner!

1. Buying betta fish

Betta fish for sale
Buying betta fish

There are two main concerns when buying betta fish:

1. Health: This is the most important concern! It?is important to know what to look for in a healthy fish, and to seek out the best places with betta fish for sale, rather than simply visiting the nearest pet store.

Only buy betta fish from a clean, uncrowded tank, with no signs of parasites or fin damage. The betta fish should be active and happily swimming around the tank.

2. Appearance: Once you’re sure that you’re buying a health betta fish from a quality pet store, you’re free to choose a betta that you find aesthetically pleasing in terms of shape and color.

Once home, keep your new betta in a separate tank to any other fish for at least two weeks. Look out for any signs of illness and only add the betta to a tank containing other fish once you’re sure it is healthy.

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Can Betta Fish Live in a Bowl? 0 1632

Can betta fish live in a bowl?

It?s not uncommon to see betta fish being kept in very small bottles or jars. This doesn?t make it the right thing to do. Many people assume that because bettas are adapted to living in shallow puddles in paddy fields in the wild, that these are the conditions they should be kept in. This isn?t true; bettas enjoy having space to swim around.?

Bettas should never be kept in very small containers or bowls. Being kept in this kind of home can lead to them becoming stressed and ripping their own fins. Although bettas can be kept in bowls that hold more than a gallon, there are issues with doing this…

So, let?s take a more in depth look at the question: can betta fish live in a bowl?

What is the problem with keeping betta fish in a bowl?

Bettas are “labyrinth fish”. This means they have a lung like organ which enables them to breathe oxygen from the air. This helps them in the wild when they are often forced to survive in very low levels of water. This also leads some people to?assume that bettas are suited to living?in a non filtered environment when domesticated. This is not true. Betta fish benefit from having a filter in their home as it helps to develop a healthy ecosystem.

One of the main problems with using a bowl to house your betta fish is that it?s very difficult to have filtration in a bowl. It?s also difficult to heat a bowl, so you are reliant on using the room temperature to keep your fish healthy. Betta fish need to be kept in a constant temperature of between 74 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit so relying on room temperature can be very risky.

You can see that from a filtration and heating point of view a bowl isn?t ideal housing for your betta. You also need to remember that your fish will enjoy having the maximum amount of space possible to swim around.

Where should a betta fish be kept?

Betta fish should be kept in a tank that holds at least 2.5 gallons. The bigger the betta tank the easier it is to maintain and keep conditions such as temperature and water parameters consistent.

It?s also easier to maintain the right filter flow in a larger tank.?Betta fish don?t like a high amount of flow in the water?and this?can be a problem in smaller tanks.

It?s important to remember that you will need to have a lid on any tank that contains bettas, as they can and will jump from the tank. Your betta also needs to have plenty of artificial plant cover in the tank, as well as a cave if possible. Bettas like to have a place to hide away and keep to themselves.

Your betta will be a lot happier in a tank that contains plenty of space than in a bowl where swimming room is limited.