Teach your budgie to talk

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Budgies can make great pets in smaller homes or apartments and, what’s more, you can spend time teaching your budgie to talk to enhance your relationship and create a rewarding bond with your bird.

How to teach a budgie to talk

Budgies are sociable birds, so the initial step in teaching your pet to talk is to ensure the cage is located in an area where social interactions happen frequently. Budgies will mimic the sound of human voices and conversations, so the more opportunity your budgie has to listen to you speaking, the greater chance he will learn to talk. Spending time bonding with your budgie and hand training him is another important factor in the language learning process, as tame budgies are more likely to speak than untrained birds. Ideally, you should only have one budgie in the home if teaching your bird to speak is an important consideration. A pair of budgies will interact with each other and be less interested in learning to interact with humans.

Regular word repetition and word association

Once your budgie is trained to sit on your hand quietly you can start the process of teaching him to talk. You should speak to him in an enthusiastic manner, as this will excite him and motivate him to speak back to you. Budgies adopting a language learning mode will have dilated eye pupils and stare intently at your mouth. Always greet your budgie when you arrive home and say goodbye when you leave. He will also learn individual words if you repeat them to him on a regular basis. Regular word repetition and word association helps budgies to learn.

Talk to your budgie regularly

Your budgie is capable of learning single words and short phrases, so taking the time to talk with him on a regular basis will enhance his learning capabilities. When he begins to talk his words and phrases may be unintelligible but if you provide constant verbal encouragement to him his attempts at speech will soon make sense.

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