Keeping Chickens as Pets

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Keeping chickens as pets
A pet chicken

Chickens can be wonderful pets for adults of all ages. As consumers, we take chickens for granted, but unless an individual or a family decides to raise chickens, most of us never discover how incredible these birds are. Chickens are a great way for kids to learn how to raise livestock.

Chickens are brilliant and social animals. Chickens love to play; they play with each other and will also play with humans. Chickens are very social animals and need lots of company, pretty much as we humans do. So ensure that you buy at least a dozen or so chickens. In this way, the chickens will be happy, and you will also get used to caring for the chickens.

While most chickens are kept on farms to produce eggs and are used for their meat, many chickens are also kept as pets by urban and suburban people. A few decades ago, keeping chicken as pets became very popular. Having homegrown eggs became very popular, and chicken owners also found that chickens got rid of insects and larvae.

If you’re thinking about keeping chickens as pets, there are a lot of things to consider:

For one, you need to make sure that you have enough space for your chickens. Of course, the more space, the better. If you are keeping the chickens in a coop, you need at least 10 square feet per chicken. They love to have room to forage. It’s best to have plenty of outdoor space for them, but you will need to keep them confined not to disturb neighbours if you live in an urban area. If they have a small run area, keep in mind that they will scratch up the soil and dig holes for dust baths.

Are you able to dedicate the proper amount of time every day to care for your chickens? While they are pretty much low-maintenance pets, chickens do need maintenance and care. If you can’t spend the right amount of time with your chickens, then perhaps they aren’t for you.

If it’s legal to keep chickens as pets in your town, you must consider the neighbours? Approval, especially if they live close to you. It’s a good idea to talk with them to answer any questions or concerns they may have. Your neighbours don’t mind the fresh, free eggs that are in store for them, that’s for sure!

Finally, make sure that you can afford to take care of your chickens properly. It costs money to build coops and purchase the supplies, not to mention buy the chickens themselves. So even though you will be getting free eggs, there is a cost to maintaining your brood.

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