Why a finch makes a great first-time pet

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Finches are the choice of many a new pet bird owner. These tiny little birds may seem an unusual pet at first sight, but they make a great choice and here’s why:

They’re great for busy people

This is good if you’re someone who works a lot, or you’re a busy mum. As long as you have a pair together, they’re quite happy to hop about their cage or aviary all day long. They don’t need walking and they don’t make a huge amount of mess.

They come in all colours

From Zebra Finches to the Cut Throat Finch with its red throat feathers, to the more exotic Parrot Finch, there are a number of different types of pet to choose from. You can mix some types of finches, but it’s worth taking advice before you do.

They don’t need a huge amount of room

Although birds would always prefer a larger space to fly about in, finches don’t need a lot of vertical height due to their size. You will need to make sure they have at least 30 inches to fly across, though, as they love flitting about all day long. However, compared to a larger pet bird, they need a much smaller cage or aviary.

They sing

Lots of finches are songbirds and have a beautiful singsong call. Zebra Finches are known for their long and complex songs. If you live alone or would like a companion, get a pair of Zebra Finches and you won’t feel lonely at all!

So a finch makes a great first-time pet, but it’s important to make sure you give them the right pet care. Finches need sunshine, so make sure their cage or aviary is positioned in a sunny area with a place for shade when needed and somewhere where they can get away from busy areas as they don’t like a lot of noise or being around people all the time.

Make sure you have lots of swings or perches for your finches to fly to – they love this. Don’t worry about buying them toys though. They would rather hop from perch to perch, eat their seeds and have a sing!

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