Fancy a feisty bird? – Lovebirds as pets

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Looking for a pet bird with attitude? The lovebird may just be the ideal choice for you. The lovebird oozes personality, and character and rewards attentive owners with love and devotion.

But don’t be fooled. It may have the word love in its name, but this is a love that needs to be earned. The lively little lovebird requires your attention and affection to capture its heart.

Wild at heart

It is true that the lovebird can be a little wild. But stroke the feathers carefully each day and you will be rewarded with a tame intelligent chipper friend. Tame birds love your attention, but if you do not make time for them, you might get a little nip just to remind you who the boss is! Lovebirds are rather different from other pet birds. It is vital to understand their quirky personality before you decide if this is your kind of bird.

Couple or solo?

Traditionally, the view of lovebirds is that they have to live in pairs. However, an individual lovebird can live very happily as a singleton as long as it has the opportunity to bond with you. What the lovebird craves is company: a partner. They are more than happy if that partner is you. Without your attention or a mate, a solo lovebird could grow cantankerous, crotchety and crabby, so company is a vital part of life with a lovebird.

Playful bird

A lovebird is a wonderful companion. Full of fun and natural intelligence, the lovebird loves to learn tricks and to play. They will happily sing along to music. They will perch themselves contentedly on your shoulder, noisily chirping away and entertaining you. Lovebirds happily follow you to the kitchen and even the bathroom, still chatting away. You are never alone with a lovebird.

A true love (bird) affair

Once you get used to the incessant chirping, the nips if ignored and the huge personality, you’ll be hard pushed not to fall in love with this playful pet. Lovebirds are interesting, curious and affectionate pets. They will interact happily with you. With an expected lifespan of 15 years plus, the little lovebird will give you many years of love.

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