How To Ensure Your Parrot Lives A Long And Happy Life

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Are you considering getting a parrot as a pet, or have you recently made the great decision to get one? Today we will explain how to ensure your parrot lives a long, happy and fulfilled life.

When you decide to purchase a parrot as a pet, you have to be aware that they can live for a very long time, depending on the exact type and breed. Your new parrot from day one will become a huge part of your life and definitely a part of the family.

How to make a parrot happy

Consider the size of the cage to achieve a happy parrot

The first thing you will probably think about when getting your parrot is its cage. This will be where your parrot spends most of its time, so the cage mustn’t be too small to keep the parrot happy. Your parrot will be happy within its cage, but not if the cage is crammed and leaving it feeling hemmed in. It should definitely be big enough so that your new pet can fully stretch out its wings and have room on either side. Cover the bottom of your cage with newspaper as it will get messy each day – this offers an affordable and quick way to change it over every day.

Where you place your cage is just as important. Do not place your cage in the kitchen, as fumes are extremely bad for parrots. Do not place near a window or in direct sunlight. Look for a calm, quiet spot for your bird to enjoy.

Feeding your parrot

When feeding your parrot, you need to remember that they enjoy a varied diet, including parrot pellets from your local pet shop and a selection of fresh fruit and vegetables. Parrots can be given various other foods, but it is important to check that they are safe first, as chocolate and avocado are not.

Letting your parrot out of its cage

You need to ensure you let your parrot out of its cage at least once a day, ensuring this is supervised. Parrots are extremely clever and should be stimulated to ensure they remain as happy as possible. Give them a selection of suitable toys, and you can practice tricks with your new pet. Most importantly, look after your parrot and ensure it is loved and well cared for.

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