Chicken hatching

Hatching Chickens

Hatching chickens
Two chickens hatching

It?s the 18th day of incubation for your chicks, and one of them is beginning to hatch from its shell! You may even hear peeps coming from the eggs. What do you do now? Here?s a quick guide to hatching chickens.

Keeping chickens as pets

Keeping Chickens as Pets

Keeping chickens as pets
A pet chicken

Chickens can be wonderful pets for adults of all ages. As consumers, we take chickens for granted, but unless an individual or a family decides to raise chickens, most of us never discover how incredible these birds are. Chickens are a great way for kids to learn how to raise livestock.

Chickens are extremely intelligent and social animals. Chickens love to play; they play with each other and will also play with humans. Chickens are very social animals and need lots of company pretty much like we humans do. So ensure that you buy at least a dozen or so chickens. In this way, the chickens will be happy and you will also get used to caring for the chickens as well.

While most chickens are kept on farms to produce eggs and are used for their meat, many chickens are also kept as pets by urban and suburban people. A few decades ago, keeping chicken as pets became very popular. Having eggs that were homegrown also became very popular, and chicken owners also found that chickens got rid of insects and larvae.

If you?re thinking about keeping chickens as pets, there are a lot of things to consider: