Rabbits as pets: what to expect

Keeping rabbits as pets Rabbits are very popular pets. Between 1% and?2% of US households have at least one rabbit living with them. But?what’s it like keeping rabbits as pets?

Most rabbits are fun creatures that are gentle and good to be around. Some rabbits can be a little aggressive, but this can often be helped by having your pet spayed or neutered. It?s always important to remember that rabbits are individuals, just like people are. If you have a pet rabbit then you need to take time to get to know it and learn about its likes and dislikes.

If you?re new to keeping rabbits as pets you may be wondering what to expect. Or maybe you don?t have a rabbit yet and you?re trying to decide whether to get one.

We?re going to tell you some of the things it?s useful to know if you have a pet rabbit, and talk about how great having rabbits as pets?can be.

Are rabbits herbivores?

Are rabbits herbivores?
Are rabbits herbivores? Read on to find out…

If you have a rabbit as a pet then it?s good to want to know as much about it as you can. The more you know about your bunny, the better you can take care of it. Knowledgeable and good care is important.

The average life span of?a rabbit is between five and eight years and looking after your pet well can help it to reach the age it should.

One of the questions you may ask yourself, when your rabbit first comes to live with you is ?are rabbits herbivores??.

We?re going to take a look at that question, and a rabbit?s diet, in more detail. Let?s start by considering what a herbivore is…

Breeding Rabbits

How to breed rabbits
Do you know how to breed rabbits?

Breeding rabbits can be amazing but it can also be emotionally draining. The first thing to note is that many baby rabbits (kittens) do not live past the weaning stage. It?s not unusual for a whole litter of baby rabbits to die, especially if it?s the first litter for a rabbit mother. And the mother is also at risk of problems during pregnancy and birth.

So, you can see why it?s important to think carefully about breeding rabbits.

Can you deal with the emotional issues? Why do you want to breed rabbits? Do you have anyone to take the baby rabbits off your hands when they are old enough? This last point is really important as there is no point in bringing unwanted animals into the world.

If you?re sure that you want to go ahead with breeding rabbits then you need to know about the whole process. Read on to find out more…

How long do rabbits live?

How long do rabbits live as pets?
How long do rabbits live?

If you?re thinking of getting a rabbit as a pet then you may be wondering: “how long do rabbits live?”.?Like any pet, before committing to care for them,?you’ll want to know how long you?re likely to have your pet bunny.

That?s why we’re going to take a look at the rabbit life span, what factors can affect it and find out how long pet rabbits live…

Types of Rabbits

If you think all rabbits are the same, then we have news for you…?there are more than fifty different types?of rabbits, and within each rabbit breed there are different?varieties.

Types of rabbits
Three different types of rabbit

Rabbits come in lots of shapes and sizes, in different colours and with different lengths of fur. If you are thinking of getting a rabbit as a pet, then it?s helpful to know the different breeds you can choose from.

And remember:?no matter what breed you choose, rabbits are not an “easy option” pet. They need to be fed, groomed and cleaned regularly. They’re also very social animals, so you should be willing and able to give your pet plenty of attention.

If you still feel that a rabbit is the right pet for you, here are a few of the?types of rabbits available.

Where do rabbits live?

Where do rabbits live?
Where do rabbits live? A rabbit emerging from its burrow.

Rabbits like to have?a?home where they can eat, sleep and chill out. This?is the same for rabbits living in the wild and for pet rabbits. But where are these homes and what are they like? Where do rabbits live??

In this article, we look at where rabbits live:?where rabbits live in the wild – including what countries they can be found in and what their homes are like – and where rabbits live when kept as pets. We even discover some unusual Japanese and Korean ideas about where you might find rabbits living!

Where do rabbits live? Read on to find out…

“Rabbits for Sale!”: A guide to buying rabbits

Rabbits for sale
“Rabbits for Sale!” – A guide to buying rabbits

The most important thing to do before you start the process of buying a rabbit is to decide if you are really ready for the commitment. It’s easy to get excited when you see a sign advertising?”rabbits for sale” and get carried away, buying your new pets there and then. But you need to be?ready to look after them?properly.

Many people think of rabbits as an easy option when it comes to having a pet. This is not necessarily the case. Rabbits need to be cleaned, fed and groomed regularly. They also need a lot of love and attention. On average, rabbits live for around 7-8 years, so?looking after them?is a big commitment!

Are rabbits mammals?

Are rabbits mammals?
Are rabbits mammals?

How much do you know about your pet rabbit? The more you know, the better you can look after your pet. One of the things you may be wondering is, are rabbits mammals?

It may seem a bit weird to think of a bunny as being in the same animal class as humans. We look very different from a rabbit. But it’s important to remember that mammals do not necessarily look alike. They just share some of the same characteristics.

Mammals are very different from each other in other ways, which is why they are split into different families and orders.

Let’s take a look at what makes a mammal a mammal and how we can tell whether rabbits are part of that class of animals.