The 5 best exotic pets for small homes

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Whether you’ve made your home in a city, or your apartment is just on the smaller side, keeping a pet can be a wish that’s difficult to fulfil. With larger animals like dogs or hutch-based pets like rabbits or guinea pigs out of the question, there are still countless options for types of pet you can provide a loving home to. Here are our top five:

1. Hedgehogs

The perfect pet for the smaller home, hedgehogs take up less space than larger mammals but have more than enough personality to make up for their smaller stature. As long as they have a reasonably spacious enclosure and room to run around twice a day, a hedgehog can make the perfect household companion.

2. Snakes

If you have a vivarium, time to spare and room in the freezer for their food, most smaller snakes can prove to be a fascinating pet that not only offers a unique experience but takes up little space. Content to lie under a fun lamp for the majority of the day, as with most reptiles, snakes are just a beautiful to look at as their more significant, more space-heavy counterparts.

3. Mice

More of a ‘watching’ than a ‘cuddling’ pet, mice are ideal for a smaller home where the atmosphere is calm, and handling is kept to a minimum. Generally, like hamsters and rats, mice are more than happy to go about their day in their home and come in multiple varieties and colours.

4. Tarantulas

For the more adventurous pet owner who is looking for something a little more on the wild side, a tarantula can be the perfect addition to the home. Provided you have a secure, suitable place to keep your tarantula and a ready source of food, these giant spiders tend to prefer to keep to themselves, and need very little else.

5. Tropical Fish

If you’re looking to bring a little of the ocean into your home but space is at a premium, smaller breeds of tropical fish can provide both a focal point and a pet that will always be happy to see you. Guppys, shrimp and even a single Betta don’t need much tank space but provide a beautiful display.

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