5 unique pets for the home or garden

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If you’re looking for different types of pet to keep or want unusual pets to complete your household, then look no further! You’re sure to find the unique pet to suit your needs from the following selection:

1. Pygmy goat

These adorable little goats will require a bit of land, so they’re unsuitable for apartment dwellers, but they make lovely, low maintenance family pets. Children will love the idea of having a tiny goat for a pet.

2. Capybara

If you’ve got your own swimming pool, then the capybara could be just the right exotic pet for your home. Capybaras look a bit like giant guinea pigs, and what could be cooler than swimming with your new pet every day?

3. Axolotl

If you want an exotic new pet to keep in your tank at home, an axolotl could be just what you’re looking for. Axolotls look a bit like characters from Pokemon but are actually salamanders. You’ll need a lid on your tank if you decide to keep an axolotl as they can climb. These unusual pets also have the ability to regenerate limbs.

4. Octopus

A small octopus is sure to be a lively conversation starter when visitors inspect the fish in your aquarium. Octopuses are quite clever and will spend time exploring the aquarium environment, although it’s not advisable to interact with them too much as they can attack. Placing toys into the aquarium gives an octopus something to play with. However, an octopus requires a very large tank and can easily become bored in the same environment.

5. Sugar glider

A sugar glider is an unusual pet and is a marsupial from the same family as kangaroos and koala bears. They originate in Australia and Indonesia’s rainforests and can make tiny, lovable family pets when they have spent time bonding with all family members.

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