The top 10 exotic pets you can buy today

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If you’re looking for a new friend for your home who is a little different from the norm, purchasing an exotic pet is an excellent idea. Here are our top ten exotic pets you can buy today:

1. Bearded Dragon Lizard

These gentle beasts make fantastic pets. They are fairly low maintenance, can be kept in aquariums and they love to be played with.

2. Hedgehog

Although you might be used to seeing them in your back garden, hedgehogs are wonderfully cute and adorably shy creatures you can turn into your new best friend.

3. Southern Tamandua

You might already know that this is the less common name for ant-eaters, but did you know they are also kept in homes as an exotic pet?

4. Chanterelle Fennec Fox

This small species of fox could be the next addition to your household. They are fun-loving and full of excited energy, so be prepared to get worn out!

5. Green Iguana

If you’re looking for a chilled out buddy, this is the guy for you. With their mysterious, large eyes and slow, meditative nature, you’ll feel like you’re hanging with Yoda.

6. Hermit Crab

These fascinating creatures are actually nothing like shy teenagers. They make great first pets for young ones, as long as you’re conscientious about keeping their aquarium maintained.

7. Capybara

You might have your hands full with one of these chew-loving creatures, but they’re also a lot of fun. They are sociable and love water, so if you’ve got a lake and a lot of space, this might be the pet for you.

8. Llama

llamas often have a soft nature, are clean and super friendly. Make sure you’ve got a nice big field to keep them in.

9. Silver Fox

Originally from Siberia, this glossy-coated fox is a noble creature and will set you back a fair sum.

10. Turtle

The humble turtle. Great for kids and adults alike! They are relatively easy to maintain and absolutely adorable!

Those are our current top 10 exotic pets – but what do you think? Let us know in the comments, then check out our top 5 exotic pets for small homes

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