Is a miniature donkey the perfect pet for you?

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Often overlooked in a world of unusual pets you don’t need to live on a farm to home a miniature donkey. With their adorable size and gentle nature, mini donkeys are an ideal pet for families with children. Mini donkeys, however, can be as stubborn and as big of a commitment as children can be. With the ability to form lifelong bonds with their owners, mini donkeys are a rewarding unusual pet.

Is a mini donkey right for me?

Donkeys and horses ascended from the same ancestors but millions of years of adaption later have caused them to be two very different creatures. Miniature donkeys are widely found to be very sweet-natured but also very stubborn, your donkey will have a personality of its own and may need the training to ensure its good behaviour. For mini donkey pet advice, consult with a vet and make sure to do thorough research.

What to consider

No doubt thanks to Eeyore, donkey’s have a reputation for being solitary and unintelligent, this is however not the case. Miniature donkeys require mental stimulation and companionship, so before investing in your miniature donkey consider the time, affection and important pet care that will go into caring for your mini donkey. Donkeys have excellent memories and love affection, so they will remember every hug and pet!

Give your donkey a happy home

Miniature donkeys do not enjoy adverse weather conditions and require access to shelter 24 hours a day, and access to a water trough 24 hours a day. Miniature donkeys can become overweight very quickly which can cause multiple health conditions so your donkey must have regulated access to pasture or carefully weighed amounts of hay to keep them happy and healthy!

Miniature v standard donkey

There are few actual genetic differences between miniature donkeys and standard donkeys except that miniature’s stand at around 36 inches tall, this makes them not only adorable but more suited for smaller paddocks. However, miniature donkeys will become very stressed if not kept with another donkey or equine friend.

A miniature donkey is the ideal smaller alternative to a standard donkey, and is a lifelong friend with an average lifespan of 30 years!

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