5 Fun Ways To Play With Your Pet Ferret

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If you’ve got a pet ferret, you’ll know that they’re curious, fun-loving creatures who are always looking for new ways to explore and play. Maybe this is because ferrets are actually a part of the Mustelidae family, including otters and seals, two animals known for their love of fun and games.

Below, we’ve listed our top five ways you can play with your ferret:

How to play with a ferret

1. Nip training

One great way to interact with your ferret is to ‘wrestle’ with them (using your hands). To do this without getting bitten, you’ll need to nip train your ferret using a combination of treats and patience. Rather than putting your ferret down when he bites you, try holding onto him for a few seconds, then put him down. When he doesn’t bite you, please give him a treat. If your ferret latches onto you using his teeth, hold him by the scruff of the neck and put your finger gently in his mouth until he lets go.

2. Rub their tummy

Ferrets love a good tummy rub. If your ferret grabs hold of you with its arms, then you should rock them gently back and forth, as if they’re in a hammock. You could also try sliding them around the floor, being careful not to move too quickly.

3. Try a sheet

Drape an old sheet or light piece of fabric across the floor and let it billow full of air. Your ferret will like climbing under it to play. You can try to tickle him or play your own variation of hiding and seek.

4. Chasing games

Ferrets adore trying to catch things, so why not try attaching something light to a shoestring and running around the garden with it. Your ferret will soon be on your tail.

5. Create a cardboard castle

This will give your ferret an awesome playhouse to roam around. Make sure you cut holes in the sides to slide through them and fill them with sheets or soft towels so that he can’t hurt himself.

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