A few things to consider before getting ferrets

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Ferrets make extremely cute, playful, loveable and unusual pets, but there are a few pieces of pet advice you should consider before making the decision to add them to your family:

1. They are playful

Ferrets are extremely playful, making them very good company. It also means that they need to be given a good amount of your time. They will need to be out of their cage for no less than four hours a day, and at least two hours of this time should be spent at play. For the remainder of this time you need to keep your eye on them, they can be extremely mischievous! It is also important to get at least two ferrets as they will need the company when you are not around.

2. They can be smelly

Unfortunately, they do tend to have a strong smell, especially if they haven’t been unsexed. To keep this at bay make sure you clear out their cage often and bath your pet a few times a month. If you bath them too often you will dry out their skin.

3. They have a tendency to be destructive

Ferrets are known for their destructive tendencies. They may burrow into your sofa or attempt to scratch through your doors, so keep a good eye on them when they are outside of their cage.

4. They may bite

They nip for attention and use their mouths to play. If they get overexcited a playful bite can cause damage, and they will bite aggressively if they feel under attack. As with nearly any animal, with correct training, this is a bad habit you can get under control.

5. They are trainable

This is important because it helps to rectify some of a ferret’s more challenging behaviours. Ferrets are very bright animals. Gently discipline them for bad behaviour and reward them for good and you will be able to keep destructive behaviour and biting to a minimum. Ferrets can also be taught tricks, so a good game of fetch won’t go amiss.

If you are looking for a playful pet, and have a good amount of time to entertain and train, then ferrets are a great choice for you!

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