Can you keep a pygmy goat?

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These little critters are about half the size of a regular, full-sized goat. As you would expect, they are hardy, mischievous and adorable. But before you get excited at the thought of snuggling up to a tiny goat on a couch, make sure you know what you are getting into.

1. Not house pets

Anyone who has ever owned a goat will tell you that they are not house pets. Goats are almost impossible to house train and will eat absolutely everything. Even a half-sized one can do a lot of damage if left indoors. If you want a goat, make sure you have an adequate outside enclosure for them.

2. They are spirited jumpers

Bouncing all over the place, Pygmies are cute bundles of energy. Make sure you build a fence that is high enough to keep them inside and out of your petunias. A fence about a foot high should do the trick. To keep them happy, a grassed area of 10 foot is large enough for two or three goats.

3. They are herd creatures

Being a part of the herd is in their DNA. It is cruel to keep them alone and they probably won?t fare that well. If you want a pygmy goat, then get two for good measure. Of course, building a miniature herd would give you lifelong bragging rights!

4. The females produce milk

Although pygmy goats don?t produce as much milk as their larger counterparts, they have about 180 milk-bearing days a year. The only catch is that you have to breed them at least once a year. Remember that if you choose to do this, you have to care for the new little one or find a suitable home for them.

5. Females in heat are loud

Females go into heat once a month and make a blearing bleating sound. If you have neighbours that hate noise, these little guys are probably not your best choice.

Pygmy goats can make great little outdoor pets if you have the right environment and dedication. Be prepared for loyalty, excited jumping and adorable mayhem. If you don?t have the space for full sized goats, these are a great alternative.

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