Raising goats as pets

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Goats are an excellent choice from all of the types of pets you can keep and they can offer you milk, companionship and entertainment too. Before you get a goat, however, you should consider these factors that are key to raising a goat as a pet.

Local laws

While it is legal to keep goats as pets you do need to consider the local laws around doing so. Goats cannot always be kept within city limits so be sure to check that you are allowed first.

Room to roam

Goats need space to explore, play and exercise. A standard garden is not big enough for a goat, so you need to ensure you have space for them. A goat should have at least 250 square feet of grassed land (each) to roam and a shed or barn for cover too.

No fence is ever enough

Goats are notorious for escaping through fences and over barbed wire and electric fences. You will need to install significant fences to your field or garden if you can to keep the goats in. You won’t be popular if your goat escapes into your neighbour’s flowerbed.

Goats need vets

You need to be able to get appropriate veterinary care for your goats when you have them. Goats will need to be de-wormed and may need to have their horns removed and hooves trimmed. Veterinary bills for goats can be expensive, so ensure that you have taken these costs into account before getting a goat.

Goats are fussy eaters

While a goat will happily bite the buttons off your coat, they are actually very fussy eaters. Goats will need more than just grass so you will need to keep a store of goat pellets and will need to feed them twice daily, whatever the weather.

Lots of fun and lots of work

Goats are sociable, intelligent and independent so they will give you a great deal of enjoyment. They are also a lot of work, however, so you need to ensure that you are prepared to care for them properly. Goats are a long-term commitment, but one that will pay off if you give them proper care.

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