5 facts about dwarf hamsters that will make you want one

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Hamsters are popular pets, especially as a ‘starter’ pet for small children because of their size. If you are considering a hamster or some kind of small animal, why not consider a dwarf hamster? Here are five facts about dwarf hamsters that will make you want to pop out and buy one right now!

Their size

Measuring in at between 4cm and 12cm, depending on the breed you pick (Roborovski are the smallest), you can’t get many other pets that will be quite as cute as a dwarf hamster.

They are social

Hamsters are known for being one of the more anti-social pet species. Dwarf hamsters, however, are social little creatures and can be kept in pairs without too much concern. A bit of advice, however, is to stick to the same gender unless you choose to breed.

They groom themselves

There’s no need to worry about finding a way to clean this tiny little creature. Dwarf hamsters are self-cleaning. If you’re concerned, a baby wipe won’t do any harm.

They are nocturnal

Dwarf hamsters will sometimes pop out to say hello during the day, but they do tend to be nocturnal animals. Your child might beg you to allow them to keep this miniature pet in their bedroom at night, but, unless the noise of a hamster wheel helps lull your child to sleep, you would be the best housing a dwarf hamster in a different room.

They are relatively easy to look after

Dwarf hamsters cope well in the normal climate of a family home. They can live in cages made of a variety of materials, however, these creatures make good escape artists, so a solid floor and a tight closing lid are pretty essential. Provide them with good quality bedding and some fresh food and water, clean and disinfect the cage once a week, check for any wet/dirty spots to remove daily, and provide them with some exercise equipment/toys and they will be pretty content addition to your home.

If you are looking for a miniature pet, easy to look after, fun to be around, and extremely cute, you cannot go wrong with a dwarf hamster, or two!

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