How to take care of your micro pig

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If you have enough space, and the right conditions to care for a pig, they make great unusual pets. It can be tricky though, as you need a licence to keep them and they need the right environment. Here’s our pet advice guide to what you need to know when owning a micro pig:

You need a licence

No matter where you live, you need a county parish holding number for your pig. You must also tell the Animal Plant and Health Agency that you own a pig. Basically, even if you have your pig in the back garden you’re classed as a pig keeper, just like a farmer. You’ll also need an additional licence if you want to walk your pig.

What to feed your pig

Contrary to popular belief, it’s actually illegal to feed pigs waste scraps due to the spread of diseases. You can get good pig food like sow nuts from pet or agricultural stores or online to make sure your pig gets all the good stuff it needs. They also like fresh food like cabbage and carrots as a treat.

Micro pigs can grow big!

Something to remember is that micro pigs can often grow a lot bigger than first expected. Make sure you have plenty of space for your pig to roam, roll and chill out, even if they were to grow bigger, and you’ll have a friend for life.

Spend time with them

One of the great benefits of keeping a pig is they’re really social, intelligent creatures. You will get hours of joy from spending time with them. You can even train them. Ideally, because they’re social creatures you should get two pigs. They also need lots of stimulation, so you can have fun devising games and activities that they can occupy themselves with.

Get your environment right

Pigs love to dig, so make sure you have at least 36 square metres you can devote to your pig, so they can graze, roll and root about. They will also need shelter for bad weather, winter and days when they want some alone time. Pigs can also get sunburn so the shelter needs to be something that’s in place all year.

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