Which Breed Of Rabbit Will Make A Good Pet?

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When it comes to cute and cuddly, you can’t do better than a rabbit. First becoming popular as pets in the post-war years when they were kept as a valuable source of meat, rabbits have been lolloping their way into our hearts ever since. There is now a huge choice of breeds and varieties, some more unusual than others.

Angora rabbits

Appearing much like a furball with ears, the angora rabbit is well known for its soft, long, silky fur. As you’d imagine, this rabbit takes a lot of grooming to maintain its amazing coat, so be prepared to spend time daily brushing your fluffy friend.

Lop-eared rabbits

The lop-eared rabbit is possibly the cutest of all the rabbits. The lop gets its name from its floppy ears, which droop endearingly on either side of its head. Lops need lots of love and attention but do not require the daily grooming of the angora.

Giant rabbits

As the name suggests, the giant rabbit is much larger than an average rabbit. With the English Giant weighing in at over 8kg, this is a hefty bunny. Giant rabbits make great pets, but they will need larger accommodation than other rabbits. Most hutches are just too small for them, and they will require somewhere to exercise every day.

Lionhead rabbits

One of the newer rabbit breeds, Lionheads, have a wonderful furry ‘mane’ which gives them their name. Like the Angora, this rabbit will need some grooming, but not nearly as frequently – once a week should be sufficient to keep its mane tangle free. Lionheads are a smaller breed of rabbit, making them easier to house.

Chinchilla rabbits

So named because its fur resembles that of the chinchilla, this rabbit has a wonderfully dense and silky coat. It is considered a hardy breed, suitable for keeping indoors or outdoors and is very playful in temperament, so that it could be a good choice as a family pet.

An unusual breed of rabbit can make a fantastic pet, but you must consider whether you can provide for its extra needs before choosing your bunny. How much do you know about rabbit care?

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