Best Sugar Glider Toys and Accessories – 2022 Reviews

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If you have selected a sugar glider cage, then it is time to think of the interior decoration of your pet’s new home. The best sugar glider toys and accessories are just what your sugar glider needs to make it feel happy, healthy, and safe.

In this guide, we are enlisting 5 of the best sugar glider toys and accessories that your glider will go nuts for! These smart creatures will love these toys and you will have fun watching them play.

The five toys and accessories for sugar gliders selected here are all based on real and honest reviews so we are sure your pets will appreciate them as well. If you are looking for sugar glider cages, take a look at our best sugar glider cages article.

Best Sugar Glider Toys and Accessories – 2021 Top 5 Picks

1. Our Editor’s Pick: Oncpcare Pet Cage Hammock

All sugar gliders need a warm, safe and cozy area for sleeping. The Oncpcare hammock is made with soft, washable material (fuzzy Arctic flannel lining) that provides warmth, safety, and a feeling of security to your tiny pet.

Each hammock comes with clips that let you attach it securely within the sugar glider’s cage. They also feature cute and bright colorful patterns making it very attractive for your pets and humans to watch!

Sugar gliders usually enjoy curling up in warm and dark places and this hammock provides them with the ideal resting area. It is also available in two sizes so you can select one based on the number of gliders you have.

  • Cute, bright patterns
  • High-quality material, machine washable
  • Soft flannel provides cozy warmth
  • Sturdy
  • Threads tend to come out which might trap smaller gliders.

2. Best Bundle Set: Suncoast Sugar Gliders Toys 6-Pack

Mentally stimulate your glider with this pack of assorted toys. Your gliders will never be bored with this attractive toy set from Suncoast Sugar Gliders.

The 6 toys included in the set include noodle tubes, rings, cups, barrel of monkeys, and ropes. Your sugar glider will be so happy playing with them for hours!

You can easily hide your pet’s favorite treats inside the rope toys and your sugar gliders will spend hours finding and eating them.

The best part is the each toy is safe and secure and won’t pose choking or other hazards to your pets.

  • Good assortment and variety to prevent boredom
  • Attractive and colorful
  • Safe, sturdy, durable
  • A small percentage of gliders refused to play with any of them.

3. Best running wheel: Exotic Nutrition Store Wheel – Plus – Cage Attachment

Prevent obesity and depression in your cute pets by providing this running wheel inside your gliders’ cage. The wheel from Exotic Nutrition Store provides a safe, solid, running track that is designed to prevent slips and falls.

There are numerous reasons why this sugar glider running wheel is top-rated and popular among glider owners:

  • Number one: it has a silent operation. No squeaky noises to scare your pet.
  • Two: It is safe and sturdy and designed to prevent injuries and falls. Its bean shaped entrance is ideal for gliders to enter and exit with ease.
  • Three: It comes with cage attachments and wall mounting that lets you secure the wheel to your pet’s cage while freeing up the cage’s floor space.
  • Last but not the least: It comes with a front plate for added safety.
  • Very well-designed running wheel
  • Safe, secure, sturdy
  • Ideal for preventing obesity and depression in sugar gliders
  • Smooth and silent operation
  • Easy to clean
  • Durable
  • Sometimes if the wheel wobbles too much it can scare the gliders.

4. Best Budget Toy: Prevue Hendryx 62801 Naturals Coco Hideaway with Ladder Bird Toy

Why select something artificial when you have a wide range of natural, handmade toys to select from for your glider?

Hendryx natural coco hideaway ladder toy will provide your pet with a place to rest, hide, and relax. Its natural fibers and textures encourage plenty of exercise and also satisfy your pet’s natural climbing instinct.

Its size is ideal for medium to small sugar glider cages and the toy comes with plenty of attachments you can easily fix inside your glider’s home.

  • Durable and sturdy
  • Easy to clean
  • Value for money
  • A small percentage of gliders did not like the toy’s rough texture.

5. Best Handmade:  Rope Toy for sugar gliders from RIOUSSI

Economical, safe, durable, and beautiful: there are many features that make the handmade rope toys from RIOUSSI ideal for your sugar gliders.

Made from high-quality coral fleece, these hanging toys can be easily attached within your glider’s cage to provide a gym for your gliders/

Your pets can satisfy their climbing and hanging instincts with these rope toys. They can help you create colorful exploration gymnasium within your pet’s cage.

Ropes are safe for chewers too.

  • Soft and fuzzy
  • Ideal for chewers
  • Helps satisfy climbing instinct
  • Colorful
  • Hand and machine washable
  • Sharp nails could get stuck in these fuzzy ropes.
Sugar glider toy

What are the Benefits of Providing Sugar Glider Toys and Accessories to your Pet?

Following are the benefits of providing your sugar bear with the best sugar glider toys and accessories:

1. Satisfy natural instincts

Sugar gliders need to climb and perch and the best sugar glider toys and accessories provide them with opportunities to satisfy these instincts.

Climbing provides mental satisfaction and physical exercise to your gliders. It also strengthens the bones and muscles and improves appetite in your pet. With regular use, it can enhance your glider’s overall health and well-being.

Additionally, young gliders also need to chew, gnaw, and bite especially while teething. Safe and durable chew toys made with fleece, rope, or natural coconut fibers help satisfy that chewing and biting instinct and also strengthen the gums and teeth.

2. Mentally and physically stimulate them

Some toys and accessories also provide optimum exercise to sugar gliders and prevent obesity as well as depression and boredom in sugar bears. Many toys like the running wheel provide plenty of exercise and prevent unwanted behaviors like crying, whining, chewing unwanted stuff, aggression etc. in gliders.

Accessories and toys also stimulate your gliders mentally to prevent feelings of boredom, loneliness, and depression.

3. Provide warm and cozy space to sleep

Sugar glider accessories like hammocks, nesting blankets, and soft beds provide a warm and cozy spot for your glider to sleep or rest in.

Suggies tend to feel very cold and they need adequate warmth and comfort to feel secure and safe. With sugar glider hammock and bedding, they can get the warmth they need on the coldest of days and nights.

What Features to Look for In Sugar Glider Toys and Accessories?

When selecting sugar glider toys and accessories, please keep the following features in mind:

1) Are safe and non-toxic

Avoid toys having loose or small parts that could pose choking hazards to your small pets. Look for sturdy toys that won’t break apart easily and can withstand aggressive chewing.

If you select rope toys, make sure that the threads don’t come loose which could trap your pet or cause their nails to break.

Avoid toys that are sharp or made of wood which sugar gliders love to chew. Splinters of woods could go into their eyes causing injuries. Look for sturdy and reliable toys with safe and non-toxic paints or coatings that are chew-proof and made for aggressive chewing using non-toxic chemical-free materials.

Ensure that the toys are free from toxic paints or pesticides – both of which can be hazardous to your delicate gliders.

2) Offer variety and prevent boredom

Sugar gliders tend to get bored with the same toys over time. So look for a bundle set or an assorted set of toys which can provide plenty of mental and physical stimulation and alleviate boredom in suggies.

3) Are durable and long lasting

The last thing you want is to buy toys again and again. So, look for toys and accessories that last long and are sturdy, durable, and reliable.

4) Have a silent operation

In case of running wheels or other mechanical toys that provide exercise to your glider, look for non-wobbling and silent toys that your pet can approach without feeling afraid. Loud, creaky noises can easily startle these small pets, so avoid toys that rattle, wobble, shake, or make loud beeping noises.

FAQs on Sugar Glider Toys and Accessories

A. In addition to toys, what are some sugar glider cage ideas?

You can add some sticks and nesting pouches for your pets to chew, hide, and rest in. Add a layer of substrate at the bottom of the cage.

B. What other sugar glider enrichment toys are there?

Experts recommend adding toys for parrots or birds in your sugar glider cage. Anything birds like, your gliders will like too.

You can even entertain your glider by inviting it opening up your jacket or coat and taking it out for a walk.

C. What other sugar glider cage accessories do they like?

You can learn to make your own sugar glider toys. Most suggies also like bells, rope toys, sturdy (non-splintering) wood toys, ropes, bells, rings, etc.

D. Are sugar glider plush toys safe for them?

Well-made fleece or plush toys are safe for Suggies and most will love to bury their face in their plush softness.


The best sugar glider cage accessories and toys are the ones that are safe and non-toxic and devoid of choking parts as well as chemicals and hazardous paints.

We recommend the sugar glider suspension hammock from OncpCare which provides a cozy, warm, and safe resting place for your tiny pet while also satisfying its climbing instincts. Do check out our other recommendations as well. If you want to learn what sugar gliders can eat, you can read up on our article about sugar glider diet.

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