What?s a Sugar Glider and is it a good pet?

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When it comes to unusual pets, they don?t come much cuter than Sugar Gliders, sometimes referred to as Sugar Babies.

However, don?t let their sweet features and ?pocket size? fool you into thinking these cuties don?t need specific pet care. As with all animal breeds, getting appropriate pet care advice is essential. Not least to be sure that you are ready for some of the less than appealing aspects of life with your new ?buddy?.

Profile of a Sugar Glider

These marsupials originate from Australia and Tasmania, and also Indonesia and New Guinea. Their entire length is usually about 12 inches, though half of that is their distinct long tail. Their lifespan can be anything up to 15 years.

Females have a pouch for carrying around their offspring (joeys). The males have more distinctive scent glands around their head and chest (which they are not afraid to use, so be ready for a distinct odour!).

Why you need more than one

Various breeds of Sugar Gliders are becoming more readily available in the UK. However, without exception they are best kept in groups. That?s because they are naturally sociable animals and would become depressed and distressed if kept as a single pet.

Which means that to have a Sugar Glider as a pet, you need to be ready to commit to buying at least two of your chosen breed.

Care of a Sugar Glider

Sugar Gliders need specific accommodation and food and you will need access to a vet who handles exotic species. For example, despite their name, these unusual pets require a low sugar diet and their vivarium should have monitored heating and lighting.

It?s also important to be aware that Sugar Gliders are nocturnal and it is common for them to bite, especially in the first few months of bonding with their owner. Both factors tend to make them less attractive as pets in households where there are young children.

The joys of owning a Sugar Glider

However, a Sugar Baby is a beautiful and beguiling type of pet.

As with many other exotic animals, whether they bond with their owner comes down to how they are handled when young and the individual animal?s personality. However, many owners report that Sugar Gliders are affectionate, fun creatures.

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