Which tarantulas make good pets?

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Even if you’re not afraid of spiders, you might not think of them as a good pet. However, you’d be wrong. Spiders make great unusual pets; easy to look after, they don’t need lots of space and you can watch them for hours.

A tarantula is one of the most common spiders to have as a pet, but which type makes a good pet?

Chilean Rose Tarantula

The Chilean Rose Tarantula is a calm, easy to care for species. Males live for around five years, and females can live up to 20 years. They’ll grow to about 5 inches.

They’re ground-dwelling, so will need larger floor space, and the tank doesn’t need to be tall. Lining a ten-gallon heated tank with a few inches of soil or peat moss will give them the environment they need to thrive.

Include places for them to hide behind such as logs, rocks and pieces of bark. The tank needs to be kept at around 29 degrees, and about 65% humidity.

They eat pinkie mice, crickets and other large insects, and you can buy these from most pet stores.

Salmon Pink Birdeater

The Salmon Pink Birdeater Tarantula can grow to 10 inches. The males live for about five years, but the females can live for up to 25 years. This spider is best for a slightly more experienced tarantula keeper as they can be aggressive.

Also, ground-dwelling, keep at temperatures of up to 30 degrees. This tarantula needs a humidity level of up to 85%. Provide a tank with larger floor space, places to hide and rocks and logs they can scuttle over.

Feed them crickets, large insects and the occasional pinkie mouse once a week.

The Mexican Redknee

Mexican Redknee spiders can live up to 20 years. Similar to the Chilean Rose, they are docile, calm spiders that are easy to look after and grow up to five inches.

Also ground-dwelling, they need around 10cm of coir or peat flooring, as well as a place to hide. Keep the tank up to 31 degrees celsius.

Mexican Red-knees also eat crickets and large insects, and occasionally pinkie mice.

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