Best Tortoise Humidifier – 2023 Top Picks

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As a tortoise owner, it is your responsibility to keep your pet safe, healthy, and comfortable. One of the most important parameters of a tortoise terrarium or enclosure is humidity. Tortoises need a humidity level of at least 60% and juvenile tortoises need even more. You can provide them with the optimum humidity level with the help of the best tortoise humidifier.

There are many humidifiers available on the market. The price range of tortoise humidifiers is between $25 and $200 but their performance depends on several factors and not the price alone.

If you’re not sure which tortoise humidifier is right for you, then this guide is for you! Here we are enlisting 7 top-rated tortoise humidifiers that will keep your little guy (or gal) cool and comfy. We will also discuss the factors you should consider when selecting a tortoise humidifier.

Best Tortoise Humidifier – 2022 Top Picks

#1. Winner: Evergreen Pet Store’s Reptile Fogger

Evergreen Pet Store’s reptile tank humidifier boasts a water tank capacity that is twice that of normal foggers or humidifiers available on the market.

This ensures a longer operating time without the need to refill the fogger’s tank every few hours. Moreover, the humidifier also has an auto shut-off (also known as the dry-protection) feature that switches off the fogger when the water tank runs dry. This enhances your fogger’s safety.

Other features we love about the Evergreen Pet Store’s reptile humidifier are:


  • Adjustable mist output of up to 300ml per hour
  • Tank capacity of 2 liters
  • Flexible hose length of 1.5 to 5 ft, hose end diameter of 3/4th inch for easy adjustments
  • Versatile and safe for use inside glass/PVC/plastic cages
  • Multi-purpose
  • Easy to assemble
  • Low-noise operation
  • Value for money
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Adjustable
  • Safe
  • Hose holds shape when bent
  • No-spill spout
  • To fill the humidifier, you need to disconnect the hose and fill the tank from the opening on its bottom. This could upset the tank’s settings

Expert tips

  • It is compatible with timers/controllers like WILLHI WH1436h mini humidity controller or the Herpstat 2 if you want to control it on a timed basis.
  • Only use distilled water to prevent buildup on the tank’s surfaces and ease the clean-up.

How it compares

This great reptile fogger or humidifier from Evergreen Pet Store is a great way to keep your tortoise cool and comfortable and maintain a rainforest-like atmosphere in its enclosure. It is compatible with various enclosures (plastic/PVC, etc.) and also suitable for different types of reptiles. Evergreen Pet Store fogger’s intuitive controls also make it very easy to use.

#2. Best Overall: BETAZOOER Reptile Humidifier

With the Betazooer Reptile Humidifier, you can provide your tortoises with clean, cool, crisp air they will thrive in. It comes with adjustable output and can even run for 2 whole days on its Low mist settings.

Betazooer is one of the few tortoise humidifiers that have a large tank of almost 2.5 liters. It also has dry-run protection and comes with a ‘red light’ indicator that shows you when the water level is low. The dry run protection keeps your humidifier from running when the water is all gone.

Check out the other features of Betazooer Reptile Humidifier that make it one of the bestselling tortoise humidifiers on the market:


  • Compact – measures 11.4 x 7.87 x 9.4 inches
  • Fog output of 350 ml/hour with tank reservoir of 2.5 lt
  • Adjustable and flexible hose – 1.3-5.3 feet
  • Auto-shutoff and red and green light indicators to show operation
  • Adjustable, flexible, and versatile
  • Easy to assemble and clean
  • Long run time
  • Whisper-quiet operation
  • Compatible with other humidity controllers from other brands
  • Some units have an intermittent operation where they stopped working after every few minutes. This could drop humidity levels.

Expert tips

  • With proper hose adjustments that come with trial and error, you can make sure that any leaks from the hose go back into the reservoir. For example, you may have to keep the hose straight up and then down – except at the end that goes in the tank.

How it compares

Betazooer tortoise humidifier is the easiest way to get the terrarium humidity over 70% or more for your tortoise. On a full tank and low setting, it can even run for 2 days without needing a refill. The price is reasonable too.

#3. Best Tortoise Humidifier with Long Run-time: Coospider Reptile Fogger

Coospider terrarium humidifier has a tank size of 3 liters that can keep your tortoises hydrated for over 3 days at a stretch on its low setting. Some users have even used it with a timer – made it run every 6 hours and on low settings, this lasted for nearly 5 days.

Coospider Reptile Humidifier is an adjustable humidifier and all you need to do is to turn its dial when you want to increase or decrease the mist output.

The large reservoir means you need not refill it again and again. It also comes with a dry-run stop-work protection – that way, you need not worry about the unit operating empty.


  • Adjustable fog output hose – 190cm/6.23ft
  • Compatible with various humidity gauges and timers
  • Easy to set up
  • Adjustable
  • Long run time
  • No instructions provided. Have to go to Youtube to figure it out

Expert tips

Here is a video showing the Coospider fogger’s setup.

How it compares

Coospider fogger is super quiet in operation. Its large tank size ensures a longer runtime compared to most tortoise humidifiers. The water lasts for nearly 3 days on the lower settings and with a controller, up to 5 days.

#4. Best Budget Buy: Dreyoo Reptile Humidifier Fogger

Most tortoise humidifiers cost more than $50. If you’re looking for a cheap humidifier for tortoises under $50, then the Dreyoo humidifier is a good choice.

It has a 4-liter tank and quiet operation. It also comes with dry protection and adjustable output.


  • Ultrasonic atomization technology
  • Compact size – 3 x 6.1 x 6.1 inch
  • Tank capacity of 4 L
  • Adjustable hose – 15.7-74.8 cm length and diameter – 3.3cm/1.3 inch
  • Auto-stop
  • Fine mist and adjustable feature
  • Affordable and value for money
  • Wide applications; multi-purpose
  • Easy to assemble
  • Prone to leaks.

Expert tips

  • Use only distilled or filtered water to prevent the cleanup hassle

How it compares

Dreyoo humidifier for tortoise enclosures has a long run time thanks to its 4-liter water tank. On the lower setting, it can work for several days before needing a refill. Its operation is quiet and the price is affordable.

#5. Best Customizable Tortoise Humidifier: ReptiZoo Terrarium Humidifier with Smart Touch Screen

There are many impressive and customizable features that make Reptizoo humidifier a bestseller in its category. It has a smart touch screen with intermittent duration control that lets you easily control your mist outputs and durations. It even has a memory feature that remembers the settings so you don’t have to.

Reptizoo Smart Humidifier also has a reservoir capacity of 4 liters that lets you mist continuously for several hours without refilling. Moreover, unlike other tortoise humidifiers, this one can be filled from the top without removing the water bucket, a feature that prevents leaks.


  • 4 liter or 1.06-gallon capacity
  • Choose between 100 ml/h, 200 ml/h, or 300 ml/h misting
  • Flexible hose length between 15.6 to 63.6 inches
  • Intermittent timing duration control
  • Compatible with external humidity controller
  • Highly customizable – you can choose to control how much to mist, how often, and also for how long
  • Long-running time – holds plenty of water due to its large tank
  • Easy to assemble and clean
  • Long power cord and hose
  • Noisy

Expert tips

  • Semi-permanently attach the tank to its lower base to prevent leaks. You can do so with duct tape.

How it compares

You no longer need to do manual misting of your terrarium! This automatic humidifier from Reptizoo takes away all the work needed for keeping your pet’s enclosure nice and damp. It is customizable and even works with external humidity controlling devices for even more adjustability and personalization.

#6. Best Starter Humidifier Kit for Terrariums – Mist King MKMS4-125-50 Starter Misting System

Mist King has thoroughly improved upon its misting system/humidifier kit to present this “4th-generation” humidifier.

The MKMS4-125-50 will take away the hassle of hand-misting your tortoise’s enclosure. All you need is a clean plastic bucket where you install the drain. It even comes with very clear instructions so you know exactly what to do.

The MKMS4-125-50 also comes with a remote timer that you affix to your pump. The mister’s super-quiet operation and efficient misting ability are sure to impress you. You can even add up to 10 nozzles to mist separate enclosures. The versatile humidifier kit can also be used for cooling greenhouses, patios, bedrooms, etc.


  • 3 controllers for improved misting over earlier systems
  • Includes everything except a bucket
  • Weighs just 2.44 Pounds
  • Fairly compact – 2.44 x 2.44 x 7.62 inches
  • These professional-grade humidifiers are used worldwide by zoos, in botanical gardens, etc.
  • It comes with clean instructions
  • It is easy to assemble and set up.
  • Expensive

Expert tips

Watch this video on how to set up your Mist King system and timer.

How it compares

Incredibly quiet operation and easy setup make the Mist King MKMS4-125-50 starter humidifier kit a great choice. If you do not mind the higher-than-average price and have several terrarium tanks or a large garden, then this misting kit is worth it.

#7. Best Ready-to-Operate Humidifier: Zoo Med ReptiFogger

Zoo Med products are very well known and if you are a reptile/terrarium owner, then you must have come across them at some point or other.

What we love about this humidifier from Zoo Med is that it is ready to use straight out of the box. So, if assembling and set-up intimidate you, this is a great choice. This is particularly recommended for Red-foot, Yellow-foot, and Hingeback tortoises as well as for hatchling and juvenile tortoises to prevent pyramiding.

Here are its features and pros and cons:


  • Compact size – 10.1 x 9.7 x 6.2 inches
  • Flex tubing extends from 10-32 inches
  • Compatible with Zoo Med’s hygrotherm item HT-10, and Zoo Med humidity gauge
  • Adjustable misting
  • No spill, leak-proof filling
  • Plug-and-play operation, easy to use, straight out of the box
  • Low noise
  • Puts out a lot of water even on the lowest setting. (See tip below)

Expert tips

Put a pothos plant directly below the mist tube to catch the excess water.

How it compares

Zoo Med is a reliable name in terrarium products and accessories and this ready-to-use, plug-and-play humidifier does not disappoint. It is really easy to set up and its noiseless operation is wonderful. The price is slightly on the higher side.

How to Select the Best Tortoise Humidifier?

Here are some factors to consider when selecting a tortoise humidifier:

Large tank capacity

The last thing you’d want is to keep filling the humidifier over and over. Look for units having tank sizes of at least 3 liters. This way, they can last for at least 2 days on low settings before they run out of water.

Dry-run protection

Either the humidifier should come with an indicator to show the water level is low or make an alarm beeping sound to remind you to refill it. Alternatively, it should turn off when the water is over to prevent running dry.

Output and misting flow

Select a humidifier that you can control the output of. This will help you maintain the desired level of humidity in the terrarium. Some tortoises need 50% humidity while others may need up to 80%. Therefore, a controllable humidifier is essential.

Easy to set up and clean

A good tortoise humidifier is easy to set up and can be simply plugged in to operate. Look for humidifiers with clear instructions on setting up, operation, and maintenance. Most humidifiers need distilled water – this prevents salt build-up and reduces cleaning hassles as well.


Many humidifiers have their tanks opening on the bottom. This can lead to spills and leaks while filling. Good humidifiers will have a spill-proof filling design that eases your task and prevents water wastage.

Compatible with Hygrotherm/other humidity controllers

Some tortoises need different humidity during the day and night. For example, the humidity level for sulcata tortoise is between 40-60% during the day and about 70-80% at night. So, look for humidifiers that can be set with timers or are compatible with hygrotherm units that measure humidity and adjust it.

FAQs – Best Tortoise Humidifier

  1. What is the ideal humidity for sulcata tortoise?

The humidity level for sulcata tortoise is about 40-60% during the day and between 70-80% at night.

  1. How much humidity do tortoises need?

Most tortoises need between 50-and 60% humidity along with a dry area in their terrarium. Juvenile tortoises need more humidity – between 70-and 80% to prevent pyramiding and other health issues.

  1. What are other ways to increase humidity in a tortoise tank?

Simple measures like manual misting, adding plants, keeping a bowl of water, and keeping the tank substrate moist can all increase the humidity of your tortoise enclosure.

Conclusion – Best Tortoise Humidifier

The best tortoise humidifier has an adjustable output and is easy to set up and clean. It is compact and yet comes with a large reservoir that does not need filling from time to time. It also has a long-running time.

Based on these features, we recommend this reptile fogger from Evergreen Pet Store. It is the easiest way to keep your tortoise cool and comfortable and maintain a rainforest-like atmosphere in its enclosure. Evergreen tortoise humidifier also features intuitive controls that make it very easy to use.

Do check out our other recommendations as well.

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